Hi, I am Natalie and I am the owner and operator of Natalie Marley Design.

My husband, Dallas, and I have been married 3 years and have two children that are our everything. We are pastors of a local church here in Lubbock, TX and also run a wedding venue in town.


Natalie Marley Design was birthed through a passion that just snowballed. I have always loved to decorate, design, build, develop, and make things come together. 


My whole life I heard..."You could sell this!" "Do you have a degree in design?" "You could make a living doing this!" "Wow! You're home is beautiful, will you come decorate mine?"


It was one of those things that I knew I could, but I wanted to make sure it was the right timing and confident I had the grace or the capacity to add another business to my plate. 


After much prayer and having our daughter, I decided to jump in head first so I could work from home, doing something I love, meanwhile soaking up all the time I could being a mom and loving on my littles.

My business has only continued to grow and expand as the Lord draws my heart to new ideas and new services to offer. I am constantly being challenged to greater depths of creativity and production and I cherish that every project, order, or request is unique and always keeps things evolving.

I can genuinely say that I love everything I get to do through Natalie Marley Design. It's my greatest joy and genuine honor to meet new people and breathe life into the dreams of others through my gift of creativity.


I understand that design is what creates an emotion, culture, and the environment all around us. Because of this, we place a high value in not only originating incredible design, but being able to fully release the message you carry through our work and giving your business, brand, blog, home, or services the attention that they deserve!

I'd be so happy to partner with you.

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